Welcome to the world of Kaligor


A little more than a century ago, the civilized races of Bastignon fled from a long and bloody war against the Orcs and Goblins. The mages of Bastignon scryed far and wide, and eventually found a suitable land safe from the goblinoid horde. They set off on a massive flotilla and colonized the new world they called Kaligor.

On this new land they found fertile fields and the promise of a better future. They also found the ruins of an ancient and mysterious civilization they know nothing about. Who were these people, and where did they go? What lies beyond the massive mountains to the far east? What is the source of the mysterious creatures showing up all over the land, and the foul monstrosities emerging from the Underdark?

You and your companions are a group of adventurers living in the slums of Vaterfjord. Taking what work you can, you will be sent on adventures all over the land in an attempt to get rich, and perhaps uncover some of the secrets of this peculiar new world.

Get Rich Or Res Trying

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