Get Rich Or Res Trying

Trouble from the deep....

Our heroes were woken from their beds and summoned to the home of Hyron Bromble, their friend and employer. A distressed nobleman had just contacted Hyron and told him that the Waterworks were no longer producing energy. Workers sent into the waterworks to investigate fled in terror from the “giant lizards and cockroaches” that had infested the 3rd floor. The power provided by the waterworks is absolutely essential to the way of life in both Vaterfjord and the rest of Kaligor, so the nobleman requested immediate assistance from Hyron, who in turn sent our heroes in to investigate.

Upon arriving at the 3rd floor of the waterworks, our heroes found a terrible sight; the dowels that provide power from the water wheels were absolutely destroyed, smashed as though by some enormous and monstrous creature. As they were investigating the area, they came across a pair of lizard-like humanoids feasting upon a corpse. Upon seeing the heroes, the creatures howled for re-enforcements, and a violent battle ensued. In spite of being out numbered, the heroes successfully slew the creatures, whom Varcham identified as Troglodytes.

Realizing that there was no way these Troglodytes could have caused the havoc they were seeing, the party pressed on looking for the “giant cockroaches” the workers had mentioned. Hearing the sound of falling rock, they looked to the ceiling and saw two strange creatures scurrying towards the southern wall. Upon noticing the party, the creatures dropped to the floor and began fighting the heroes while moving west along the wall. These creatures had an incredibly think natural armor, but they managed to fell one fairly quickly. The other tried to make an escape through a hidden door on the western wall. The party followed and quickly slew the remaining beast.

No one was able to identify the creature, although Kiera could sense that it was beast from the fey. Varcham took one of the dead creatures back to Hyron, who identified it as a particularly nasty breed of Gremlin, specifically a Vexgit. Vexgits are capable, in a large enough group, of reducing even the most complex machinery into total rubble in mere minutes. Hyron informed him that their task was technically complete, but the parties spirit of adventure compelled them to investigate the caverns beyond the secret door.

Inside, they found a mixture of man-made tunnels and naturally occurring caverns. After investigating around, they found a section of tunnel that appeared to have caved in. After clearing out some of the rubble, they found the bottom half of a human who had been crushed by the collapse. They also found evidence of a trap having been triggered, and a map of the complex. The map indicated another tunnel that was hidden by a secret door. They found the door and proceeded to investigate.

The tunnel went on and on for a few miles and led to a set of doors leading out into the wilderness. When the door was opened, the wizard Tanthalan Galenthrel detected an Alarm spell had been triggered. The party then exited the tunnel and observed the entrance from the nearby wood-line. Four men on horseback showed up and inspected the doorway, one of them wearing the distinctive maroon vest worn by Quillan’s Pemrose Street Gang. Cal stepped out of the darkness and provoked the men into charging the wood-line.

The chevalier Varcham waited behind Cal, glaive at the ready. Over the course of the next 18 seconds he put on a truly heroic display of martial prowess, decapitating his first foe, and striking terror into the hearts of those approaching. Before they could escape, all but 1 were dead.

The survivor was clearly horrified, and when interrogated about the tunnel and the nearby house, told of a mysterious leader he called Azmodious. The man clearly did not know much about the operation, so the heroes took him back to Hyron, and finally called an end to their long, long evening.



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