Vaterfjord is the main portal to the Kaligoran Plateau. Ever since the fall of Litenbror, it the fastest and safest path between the Plateau and Novus Spes. Vaterfjord is a high technology city founded and built largely by Gnomish tinkerers and engineers.

Vaterfjord has an extensive lower level known as the Waterworks. The waterworks house massive water wheels that are used to generate mechanical energy for much of Vaterfjord’s populace.

Vaterfjord is divided into two main parts: The inner and outer wall area. The outer wall houses the Waterworks, and the Warehouse District, as well as an ever changing, open air bazaar. The inner wall is where the aristocracy resides, along with some upscale merchants, a large portion of the populace, and the Tower of Kristos.

Main Areas



The Waterworks are a massive underground complex located underneath Vaterfjord. The tunnels and main area of the waterworks already existed when explorers first located the area. They are believed to have been part of whatever culture preceded civilized arrival on Kaligor. The tunnels all lead to the massive waterfall that the town sits upon. Gnomish tinkerers later added waterwheels, elevators, plumbing, and all of the modern amenities that makes Vaterfjord so advanced.

The Waterworks have three main levels. The top level is mostly empty, bust serves as an access point to the lower areas, and provides space for workers to perform maintenance on some of the pulleys and elevators that lead to the surface. This level is also a common hangout for the Bindle Boys, who use it to smuggle goods, intimidate victims, and move about the town.

The second level is very crammed full of machinery and is rarely accessed except by certain, highly skilled technicians.

The Third level is where the massive water wheels are. This level consists mainly of natural caverns and wide open areas. Not much refurbishing has been done on this level. Workers in the waterworks spend the majority of their time here, where they have plenty of room to maneuver and most of the complex machinery can be accessed.

Warehouse District

Located in the outer wall area, the warehouse district is a slum area full of warehouses that store goods either to be traded in the bazaar, or shipped out to other settlements.

The district is divided into four main neighborhoods, each controlled by a local “gang”.

Bindle Alley

Bindle Alley is a small section of town located in the southwestern corner of the district. Although small in size, the local gang, the Bindle Boys, controls the majority of the crime and vice in the area. Led by a brutal half-orc named Petrok, they shake down merchants and citizens for protection money, and frequently resort to outright robbery. They are headquartered out of Petrok’s warehouse.

Hobb’s Corner

Hobb’s Corner is stuck right in between the Bindle Boys, and Penrose street. These unfortunates are continuously harassed by the Bindle Boys, and their cronies from Penrose. Hobb’s Corner is largely inhabited by small families without the means or the courage to fight back, and are lucrative targets for the other gangs.

Hobb’s corner does not really have much in the way of neighborhood organization, but if anyone is in charge, it is the priest Cleves. He does his best to protect people and keep them fed, but is no match for Petrok and the Bindle Boys. He has converted an older warehouse into a hospital for the poor and infirmed.

Penrose Street

Penrose street is the main avenue of the outer walls, running north to south along the wall and covering the most area. Penrose is home to a largely itinerant population;folks moving on to other cities elsewhere and just using Vaterfjord as a way point along the way.

In spite of the chaotic nature of the populace, there is still a minor gang presence, run by a bitter half-elven thief named Quillan. She has a rag tag gang of like minded goons, but in reality they are little more than cowardly sycophants for the Bindle Boys. Their continued harassment of the unfortunates in Hobb’s Corner is becoming a source of concern for some, and measures are being taken to improve the situation.

Jix’s End

Across town from Bindle Alley is Jix’s End. This small section of housing is as upscale as things get in the Warehouse district, but is still a very low rent area. Juzam’s Tradehouse is located here, as well as a farily large converted warehouse occupied by Hyron Bromble, a well respected veteran who watches over the neighborhood. His martial prowess tends to keep the unsavory elements at bay, but his continued interference in Petrok’s affairs could bring the situation to a head.

Tower Of Kristos

The Tower Of Kristos is the centerpiece of Vaterfjord, and the home of the powerful Gnomish Summoner, Kristos. Kristos is the Lord of Vaterfjord, and provides many of the jobs and public works in town, as well as providing for the general defense. In addition to being his home, the Tower also houses the town garrison, armory, and library. Sitting atop the tower is a massive beacon that can be activated to signal the sister city of Novus Spes. Access to the tower is fairly limited.


The bazaar of Vaterfjord is a sight to see. Traders from all over the continent converge here to buy and sell all manner of arms, armor, and information. The stock is constantly rotating in and out though, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for one week, do not despair; a new merchant will be along eventually to happily take your money.


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